Transition Updates

  Report from the Call Committee- August 2020

Greetings from the Call Committee!  We are excited to announce that after months of meetings and work, in early August we unanimously recommended to the church council Dan Clites as our next senior pastor.  The Call Committee and the Council then met for nearly three hours to share our enthusiasm and describe Dan, his impact on us, and his vision for CLC.  At the end of that meeting, the Council voted unanimously to offer the call to Dan.

After considering nearly 35 applicants, the Call Committee was firmly united in choosing Dan to help lead CLC into its next exciting chapter.

Information about Dan and his wife Joanne was shared by email to the church’s contact list.  We hope you have had a chance to check these resources out.  Additionally Dan and Joanne will be At CLC for an ice cream social and Q&A Session the weekend of August 28-30.

The final step of the call process, as defined in our constitution, is to have a vote by the membership on August 30th after the parking lot service.

We are each humbled and blessed to have served our church in this capacity and to reach this step in the process.  Thank you for your faithful prayers and trust during this time of transition.  We know God has great things in store for and through CLC!


Report from the Call Committee – June 2020

We continue to forge ahead with the call process, in spite of the drastic shutdown of life all around us. The social restrictions have forced our meetings online, but everyone re-mains encouraged, focused and productive toward our goal. And we’re all getting a little more tech-savvy, too!

Good news…The committee has created the documents necessary to post our position, and they have been approved by the Church Council! The four main documents are: Congregational Profile, Philosophy of Ministry, Job Description and Job Application. If you haven’t already, you should soon receive a survey by email with the Congregational Profile and the Philosophy of Ministry for your review. After reading them, please either approve or disapprove those documents for our use in the call process. We will post the position as soon as we have a quorum of membership approval.

After posting, the next steps of our process will include receiving/ considering applica-tions and follow-up correspondence and interviews. We are not sure how the current pandemic might affect our search, on-site visits or timeline, but we know that God re-mains in control. Romans 8:28 reminds us “We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose.” Please continue to pray that the Holy Spirit would provide discernment for our call committee and prompting and preparedness for our future pastor.

Please keep the Call Committee in your prayers.

Report from the Call Committee – May 2020

It has been a month of big accomplishments and our senior pastor position is officially (and finally) posted! After months of preparation and the re-cent approval by the membership of the supporting documents, the posting went live on May 4th. In addition to posting the position to LCMC and CLC websites, we sent more than 750 letters to current LCMC pastors throughout the United States informing them of our search. We have al-ready had an encouraging response with 13 candidates sending resumes in the first two weeks.

We are meeting weekly on Zoom to discuss candidates. Between meet-ings, committee members are individually preparing by reading resumes, watching sermons and praying for wisdom and discernment. As we nar-row the field of candidates, we will follow pre-determined steps to ensure an organized and thorough process. We will continue to keep you updated as we move through these stages.

We covet your prayers during this season. We are not sure when God will bring the candidate He has chosen, so we aim to be prepared and yet pa-tient. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.

Please keep the Call Committee in your prayers.

Report from the Call Committee – April 2020

Despite the crazy unfolding situation regarding the Coronavirus, the Call Committee has contin-ued to move forward. In the last month, we have met with two pastors to ask questions, glean in-sights and further explore how to best define ourselves as a congregation. We have been incredi-bly blessed by these meetings. On Monday March 2nd, we met with Steve Perkins, former mem-ber of CLC and current pastor of Northgate Church in Ramsey, Minnesota. Steve, having knowledge of our church’s history and member profile, talked to the Call Committee about the differences in the practice of Lutheran doctrine within the LCMC. He explained there are two main traditions, Orthodox or confessional and Evangelical Lutheranism, or pietistic. Christ Lu-theran has been more of an Evangelical/ pietistic church for the last thirty years, since we focus more on our relationship with Jesus and affirm that the Holy Spirit enters a person when they be-lieve. Additionally, our membership consists of believers from many protestant backgrounds. It is important that we recognize this distinction and prepare to ask relevant questions as we interview candidates.

Steve also discussed the various forms of church governance and reminded the committee to con-sider the pros and cons of each style. The three types of governance include Episcopal (which is staff-led), Elder-led, and Congregational. CLC has been a congregation led church but we also benefited from the strong leadership of Pastor Bent in his time here as he had much authority to make decisions and lead the church. Lastly, Steve encouraged the committee to consider whether we are looking for a CEO-type of leader or a Shepherd-type leader. Typically, smaller churches look for more of relational leader and large churches look for more of an administrator. Even though CLC is a larger church, our membership values personal investment and it is important to seek a candidate that prioritizes personal relationships with the members.

Our next meeting was with Craig Nissan, the recently hired pastor at Calvary Lutheran Church in Evergreen. Craig and his wife Kristen, as well as the head of their call committee Christy Johnson came to CLC on Sunday, March 15th, to chat with the committee about their call process. They each shared their experiences and answered questions about timing, communication, blessings and frustrations in the process. Their committee used the same LCMC call packet and resources that the CLC committee is using, and they felt strongly supported by the LCMC during the process. They reminded us to remain patient in the process and that God is faithful to answer prayer and deliver the right person for the call.

We greatly appreciate the time these people devoted to encourage and help us in our efforts! In other developments, the committee completed a first draft of our Philosophy of Ministry State-ment that will be reviewed by Church Council . This week, we will be drafting a shorter church description to post with our job opening on the LCMC website. We are aiming to have the job posted by Easter, if not before. Please continue to pray for our committee, our church and our fu-ture pastor! And as always, feel free to ask questions of the committee members.

Please keep the Call Committee in your prayers.

Report from the Call Committee – March 2020

In preparation for actively seeking a candidate, the Call Committee is progressing through the first three steps of the call process.  These steps are as follows:

  1. Redevelop open lines of communication between the Call Committee, Church Council and congregation during the call process.
  2. Working towards a Philosophy of Ministry (a definition of who we are as a congregation) to be used in the call process.
  3. Identifying and articulating expectations of pastoral candidates in conjunction with the church council and congregational input.

When these steps are completed (which should be soon), then we will actively seek a candidate. 

Please keep the Call Committee in your prayers. 

Report from the Call Committee – January 2020

Our Call Committee has gotten off to an excellent beginning. As we have begun our first of three phases, we are looking at an evaluation of the ministry and history of Christ Lutheran Church. We have already discovered three issues that we need to address.

(1) The first is our congregational identity. Who are we? What holds us together as a church? What was it about this congregation that made each of us say, “this is where I want to be”? Please think about this, as we will be addressing this together. Which brings us to a very important method to how we will be operating. The Call Committee will not be making decisions for the congregation. Rather, we will be identifying things that the congregation needs to address and then provide opportunities for discussion and input in a variety of ways. The congregation will ultimately be deciding what the future will look like, hopefully, by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Along with discovering our congregational identity it would be good for us to discuss what it means to be “Lutheran” and in what ways does that describe who we are.

(2) The second is our communication – both internally and externally. By externally we mean how we communicate to our community around us – what signs do we have that let passersby’s know who we are or give to them any information about us – what use of social media have we employed to publicize our church. By internal communication we mean how are we effectively communicating to our members what we are doing – what’s happening. Using social media, again, may be one means for this, but what other ways can we be better at touching base with our members. Members of the Call Committee will be working to establish a standing communication committee to meet this issue. This is a good point to address another part of how we will be carrying out our mission: We will be incorporating recommendations and ideas from the Church Doctor’s report as part of the work of the Call Committee. That doesn’t mean we will be using their report as a template for everything we will be doing – there is simply way too much for a single congregation to do. We will, however, be consulting that report as appropriate for the issues we identify.

(3) The third is our Sunday morning schedule and types of worship and activities. One big issue we need to look at is the need for a Sunday School/Education hour on Sunday morning. This has been identified as something very important both by our Youth and Family Board and the Church Doctor’s report. If reaching out to youth and to families is a major objective, how are we providing adequate time for that ministry to be happening? Addressing that will mean reevaluating the times of our worship services. And, while we are looking at that, it would be a good time to also evaluate the kind of worship we are doing –would a more traditional or a more contemporary worship style be good for us – and what would those look like? Again, at this point we are not making any recommendations. But in the coming month or two we will be coming to you for your participation in discussing what would we good for us.

As you can see we’re already looking at some pretty weighty issues and we will need your input. Please be on the lookout for times and ways for your participation. Or you can contact any mem-ber of our Call Committee for any ideas or questions you may have.

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Call Committee Members

Kai Lindborg

Andrea Breuer

Cory Kohm

Greg Kasper

Jennifer Burrough

Kari McCrady

Evelyn Rodewald

Gene Ferrin

Scott Kahle

Chad Kashmier

Barbara Joyce

Ron Miller