Transition Updates

Report from the Call Committee – March 2020

In preparation for actively seeking a candidate, the Call Committee is progressing through the first three steps of the call process.  These steps are as follows:

  1. Redevelop open lines of communication between the Call Committee, Church Council and congregation during the call process.
  2. Working towards a Philosophy of Ministry (a definition of who we are as a congregation) to be used in the call process.
  3. Identifying and articulating expectations of pastoral candidates in conjunction with the church council and congregational input.

When these steps are completed (which should be soon), then we will actively seek a candidate. 

Please keep the Call Committee in your prayers. 

Report from the Call Committee – January 2020

Our Call Committee has gotten off to an excellent beginning. As we have begun our first of three phases, we are looking at an evaluation of the ministry and history of Christ Lutheran Church. We have already discovered three issues that we need to address.

(1) The first is our congregational identity. Who are we? What holds us together as a church? What was it about this congregation that made each of us say, “this is where I want to be”? Please think about this, as we will be addressing this together. Which brings us to a very important method to how we will be operating. The Call Committee will not be making decisions for the congregation. Rather, we will be identifying things that the congregation needs to address and then provide opportunities for discussion and input in a variety of ways. The congregation will ultimately be deciding what the future will look like, hopefully, by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Along with discovering our congregational identity it would be good for us to discuss what it means to be “Lutheran” and in what ways does that describe who we are.

(2) The second is our communication – both internally and externally. By externally we mean how we communicate to our community around us – what signs do we have that let passersby’s know who we are or give to them any information about us – what use of social media have we employed to publicize our church. By internal communication we mean how are we effectively communicating to our members what we are doing – what’s happening. Using social media, again, may be one means for this, but what other ways can we be better at touching base with our members. Members of the Call Committee will be working to establish a standing communication committee to meet this issue. This is a good point to address another part of how we will be carrying out our mission: We will be incorporating recommendations and ideas from the Church Doctor’s report as part of the work of the Call Committee. That doesn’t mean we will be using their report as a template for everything we will be doing – there is simply way too much for a single congregation to do. We will, however, be consulting that report as appropriate for the issues we identify.

(3) The third is our Sunday morning schedule and types of worship and activities. One big issue we need to look at is the need for a Sunday School/Education hour on Sunday morning. This has been identified as something very important both by our Youth and Family Board and the Church Doctor’s report. If reaching out to youth and to families is a major objective, how are we providing adequate time for that ministry to be happening? Addressing that will mean reevaluating the times of our worship services. And, while we are looking at that, it would be a good time to also evaluate the kind of worship we are doing –would a more traditional or a more contemporary worship style be good for us – and what would those look like? Again, at this point we are not making any recommendations. But in the coming month or two we will be coming to you for your participation in discussing what would we good for us.

As you can see we’re already looking at some pretty weighty issues and we will need your input. Please be on the lookout for times and ways for your participation. Or you can contact any mem-ber of our Call Committee for any ideas or questions you may have.

Call Committee Members

Kai Lindborg

Andrea Breuer

Cory Kohm

Greg Kasper

Jennifer Burrough

Kari McCrady

Evelyn Rodewald

Gene Ferrin

Scott Kahle

Chad Kashmier

Barbara Joyce

Ron Miller