Hospitality and Safety Ministry

One of the newest ministries at our wonderful church is the Hospitality and Safety Ministry.  You’ve seen us greeting you and keeping an eye on the kids, the parking lots, and the doors, and we thank you for all the warm appreciation and support so many of you have shown us.

So, are we just church security?  No, but that’s part of it, of course, making sure everyone is safe who comes onto our property and into our church.  We are also all trained in CPR and Emergency First Aid.

We began the ministry in the summer of 2018 and have made great strides in achieving our goals of safety and security for all, while also working as welcoming Christians to all who come into our house of worship.  I can’t say enough about the wonderful attitudes and commitment of our volunteers, and if you are interested in serving with us, and can give two to four hours a month, I’d love to talk to you and explain what we do.  Not only do we serve during Sunday morning services, but we also serve at the Shepherd’s Hand Free Clinic on Mondays, and on Wednesday afternoons and evenings when a lot is going on in the church.

Our church leadership had the idea for this ministry for years, and has been solidly behind us at every step.  Schools and houses of worship should be places of safety, and not “soft targets.”  We are indeed not only Biblically justified to keep all safe, but Biblically mandated to do so.

Acts 20:28:  Be on guard for yourselves and for all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood.

Give me a call, a text, or drop me an email if you’d like to know more about this new and vital ministry at Christ Lutheran Church.  Or say hello and ask me questions any time you see me at CLC!


Do you feel blessed to worship in a safe and welcoming Christian environment? If you attend Christ Lutheran Church here in Whitefish, Montana, you should! Our volunteers are here to welcome, to help in a medical emergency, and to keep all safe who come onto our property and into our beautiful church.

If you’d like to be a part of this wonderful serving ministry, talk to one of our volunteers or give me a call, a text, or an email, or just say hello any time you see me in the church. Two to four hours a month is all we ask, and the benefits are many. You’ll get a lot of hugs, thanks, and the satisfaction of knowing you are following Biblical teachings that mandate we look over and protect the flock.

I look forward to sharing with you what we do at CLC. Young fathers, you are especially invited to serve with us! Your kids are our most sacred charges, and we know you want to help us keep them safe at all times.

In Christ, with prayers for peace, Christian growth, health and safety.

Mark Franks, Hospitality and Safety Ministry